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The National Coal Council has issued a two-volume report called Coal: America’s Energy Future. At the request of the Secretary of Energy, NCC prepared the report concerning how domestic coal resources can help meet the Nation’s future energy needs. Volume I focuses on several promising clean coal technologies, including coal gasification. Volume II provides a technical overview of clean coal technologies.

Downloadable copies of the reports are available here:
Volume I
Volume II

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Why are Kennedy School researchers singing coal’s praises? Find out more about the technology to burn cleaner coal: “coal gasification.” From Lory Hough, Kennedy School Bulletin, Harvard University.

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The American Geological Institute (AGI) offers a publication titled “Coal and the Environment” as part of its Environmental Awareness Series.  This colorful 64-page paperback book takes an unbiased look at the impacts of coal use in society and how technology helps mitigate and reduce environmental impacts from coal production and use.

The publication includes an extensive list of web resources about coal, including online glossaries of coal terms, and also comes with a color poster highlighting the coal mining cycle, with particular emphasis on reclamation of mine sites.

A PDF version of Coal and the Environment is available here