About Energy & You!


Energy powers our world. Natural gas, nuclear, solar, and wind are just some of the ways we get that energy–but among the most efficient and reliable of sources is coal. Coal is used to generate more electricity than any other fuel source.

Energy & You! is a program developed by the American Coal Foundation, a non-profit organization that creates energy education materials for classrooms across the United States. The goal of the American Coal Foundation and Energy & You! is to build awareness among students about where energy comes from, and to provide a meaningful glimpse at the process that allows us to put that energy to use every day.

This website has lesson plans, reading selections, and engaging student activities that teachers can use in the classroom to cover a broad range of subject areas, from science and math to English and social studies. Our hope is for the topics to inform and engage young students in a very relevant—but often unseen—aspect of the world they live in.

To find additional resources and learn more about the American Coal Foundation, please visit the official ACF website at www.teachcoal.org.