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Get your students engaged and excited to learn about coal’s role in our lives with the ACF’s hands-on activities, experiments, lesson plans, and other free resources.

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Energy & You!

Energy & You! is a program developed by the American Coal Foundation to build awareness among students about where energy comes from, and to provide a meaningful glimpse at the process that allows us to put that energy to use every day.

The Energy & You! website has lesson plans, reading selections, and engaging student activities that teachers can use in the classroom to cover a broad range of subject areas, from science and math to English and social studies. Our hope is for the topics to inform and engage young students in a very relevant—but often unseen—aspect of the world they live in.

Free Coal Sample Kits are also available to supplement classroom activities.

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Classroom Activities and Ideas

The following activity guides and booklets are now free to download as printer-friendly PDFs.
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Coal-Related Activities for Elementary Students
Grades K-6
40-page booklet complete with 15 engaging activities and hand-outs for students in grades K through 6.

Coal-Related Activities for Secondary Students
Grades 6-12
32-page booklet complete with 10 engaging activities and hand-outs for students in grades 6 through 12.

Coal Science Fair Ideas
Grades 4-12
Project ideas associated with coal’s production and used to help spark students’ interest in science fairs. Helpful tips and resources are included.

Power from Coal Activity Book
Power from Coal Teacher’s Guide
Grades 6-9
17-page booklet with background information and student activities describing the formation, history, production, transportation, and current uses of coal. Complete with charts, graphs, images, and glossary.

ACF Digital Library

Bring the diverse, modern world of the coal industry to life for your students with brand new (and completely free!) digital publications in our new library.

  • All About Coal Activity Book (Grades K-3)
  • Coal: Powering Modern Society (Grades 6-12)
  • Sourcebook for STEM Careers in Coal (Grades 9-12)

Coal Fact Safari Quizzes

Students can explore the wide world of coal and its role in our country by searching through the and Energy & You websites to find the answers to a set of six quizzes created for grades 2-3.


ACF-TV is a collection of educational videos that can be shared with viewers of all ages, from elementary school through college. The videos cover a variety of coal topics, including facts about coal, coal mining equipment, and coal in the news.

United States of Energy

This classroom program created by the American Coal Foundation allows elementary school students to take a look at the many energy sources that power the United States—from your light switch to your water heater.
Download materials from the United States of Energy

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