Lesson Plans:
Social Studies/Language Arts

Writing About Science and the Environment (Grades 4-6)
Students learn about land reclamation/restoration, then discuss and write about the process.

STEM Careers: Mock Interviews (Grades 4-6)
Students learn about different careers in the coal industry and what skills are needed to pursue those careers.

Coal Flowers: A Historic Craft (Grades K-8)
Students observe the process of crystallization in the making of coal flowers, a historic craft among coal mining families.

Cookie Mining (Grades 3-8)
Students participate in a simulation of the mining process using chocolate chip cookies and toothpicks. The simulation helps to illustrate the costs associated with the mining of coal.

Transporting Coal (Grades 3-8)
Students examine national railway, river, and highway routes that might be used to transport coal. They also plan routes for moving coal from one area to another.

Coal Supply and Demand (Grades 5-6)
Students participate in a simulated exploration of natural resources and discuss the relationship between supply and demand of natural resources.

Coal Camps and Mining Towns (Grades 6-8)
Students look at the history of the coal mining industry by researching coal mining towns built by mining companies. Students then write short stories that highlight the people who lived in coal communities, focusing on the relationship between the coal companies and the miners and their families.

Coal Miners and Mining Towns: Their Stories (Grades 8-9)
Students prepare, conduct, and consolidate interviews with people who work (or have worked) in the mining industry. Then they write and compile a collection of nonfiction accounts.

History of Coal in the U.S. (Grades 9-12)
Students examine a timeline of coal mining in the United States and research how the policies of coal-dependent companies have changed over the past fifty years, affecting the economy of our country.