Reclaimed Land Protects Nature
Reclaimed lands at North American Coal Corporation’s Freedom Mine make a great home for sharptail grouse.

A Geologist Who Really Rocks!
Award-winning coal geologist Maria Mastalerz has found many new ways to use coal.

Into the Darkness
With recent news reports about coal mining fatalities in West Virginia, have you thought about what it is like to work in an underground coal mine?

“Coal and the Environment” Booklet from AGI
The American Geological Institute (AGI) offers a publication titled “Coal and the Environment” as part of its Environmental Awareness Series.

Fueling Our Future
Climate warming is accelerating as energy use soars. Nuclear power won’t close the gap. We need to learn to live with coal.

King Coal Comes Clean
Why are Kennedy School researchers singing coal’s praises? Find out more about the technology to burn cleaner coal: “coal gasification.”

National Coal Council Releases Report on Domestic Coal Resources
The National Coal Council has issued a two-volume report called Coal: America’s Energy Future.