To learn more about the companies and the employees who work in the coal industry, please take a look at these publications.

Coal News

Coal People


A Look at Rocks: From Coal to Kimberlite
By Jo S. Kittinger
BT Bound, 1999
Reading Level – Ages 9 – 12
Describes the formation and appearance of rocks, changes they can undergo, and how to start a collection.

Alberta Miners ~ A Tribute
By Lawrence Chrismas, Kerry McArthur
Cambridge Publishing, 1st Edition

Ancient Sunshine: The Story of Coal
By James B. Goode
Jesse Stuart Foundation, 1997
Appalachia: The Voices of Sleeping Birds
By Cynthia Rylant
Voyager Books, 1998
Reading Level – Young Readers
Lyrical prose and warm watercolor illustrations bring a “certain part of the country called Appalachia” alive for young readers. Two award-winning artists, forever touched by their experiences growing up in this unique landscape, have teamed to create a quietly powerful and beautifully crafted portrait of life in a timeless place.
Appalachian Coal Mining Memories: Life in the Coal Fields of Virginia’s New River Valley
By Mary B. LaLone
Pocahontas Press, Inc., 1997
Appalachian Coal Mining Memories describes life in the Coal Fields of Virginia’s New River Valley. Fifty-one interviews with sixty-one different people tell about their lives as coal miners, as wives of coal miners, and as daughters and sons of coal miners.
Coal: A Human History
By Barbara Freese
Perseus Publishing, 2003
Part history and part environmental argument, Freese’s elegant book teaches an important lesson about the interdependence of humans and their natural environment both for good and ill throughout history.

Coal and the Environment
American Geological Institute

Coal: America’s Energy Future, Vol. 1
Coal: America’s Energy Future, Vol. 2
National Coal Council

Coal Geology
By Larry Thomas
John Wiley & Sons, 2002
Examines the environmental implications of mining and using coal, addresses how modern computer methods are facilitating coal studies, and reviews the changing market for coal and its usage in the present and future industrialized economies. Includes current thinking on environmental issues.
Facts Not Fear: Teaching Children about the Environment
By Michael Sanera and Jane S. Shaw
Regnery Publishing, Inc., 1999
Guidebook that gives a balanced view of the many environmental issues encountered today.
In Coal Country
By Judith Hendershot
Knopf, 1987
Reading Level – Ages 9 – 12
Narrator simply describes, in plain style, what it was like to grow up in coal country in the ‘30s (or earlier): how it looked and smelled, and how her parents worked.
King Coal: A Pictorial Heritage of West Virginia Coal Mining
By Stan Cohen
Quarrier Press, 1984
Kit’s Wilderness
By David Almond
Skylark, 2001
Reading Level – Young Adult
State of Fear
By Michael Crichton
Harper Collins, 2004
In this techno-thriller, master novelist Michael Crichton takes on the scientific underpinnings of the global warming issue in a daring, round-the-world adventure. He thoroughly explains the misconceptions about climate change and warns again the politicization of science research.

Tell Me A Story: Memories of early life around the coal fields of Illinois
By Coal Research Center
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1992
Interviews and essays from coal miners in the early days of coal mining in the Illinois coal basin.  Please see lesson plans on Coal Miners and Mining Towns: Their Stories (Grades 8-9)

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