Teacher Testimonials

Here is a selection of comments from evaluation forms about ACF’s materials:

I am so excited to find your website! …So many websites are just a waste of time. Yours, however, is the best I have ever seen. Thank you for such good, usable information in one place as well as the hands on activities. I have copied your chocolate chip cookie activity to show them how much fun it can be to really learn. I have clearly given your site full credit for all the information and also listed your teacher’s store as a resource for us. Thank you again for such a great resource.”
— Brenda Runkle, Brink Junior High School, Moore, Okla.

Thanks so much for the wonderful teaching materials. I am so excited about sharing these with the students and teachers I work with. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.”
— Jo Cobb, District Math Coach, Limestone Central Elementary School, Gaffney, S.C.

Very informative! The children loved it.”
—  Elementary Teacher, San Antonio, Texas

I teach Special Education. My students really enjoyed the lesson and info!  Thank you for this great info!! What a great service this is to educators!!!”
— Elementary Teacher, Washington, D.C.

Thank you for providing such meaningful resources for the classroom!”
— Student Teacher, Williamsburg, Ky.

Great information – very useful in teaching about our use of resources.”
— Student Teacher, Westminster, Colo.

My twins are in 2nd grade now so it took until now for me to really put the materials to good use, but I intend to use them more and more over the next several years periodically since there is great materials here for older ages too!”
— Homeschooler, Wayland, Mich.

Thank you so much! Everything was wonderful!”
— Elementary Teacher, Riverton, Kan.

Due to the cut back of mining in our area, the students liked seeing and hearing about coal.”
— Elementary Teacher, Craigsville, W.Va.

Great combination of materials! The kids loved it!”
— Middle School Teacher, Berea, Ohio